Antic Earthworks ‘Shop’ now open…

We’re happy to announce that our new on-line shop is now up and running.

We’ll be adding more great instruments shortly.



New Links…

Just added a links widget to the right side bar. Check ’em out!

Thank you!

Kevin Brown’s Gathering Videos 2007…

We just hunted down Kevin Brown’s videos from The Gathering 2007.

You can see them all here.

Bring’s back a few good memories watching them!


The Gathering 10th Anniversary Album Cover…

We have just uploaded an updated copy of the album cover art as the last one credited Dave Chapman with tracks 10 and 11 when in fact it was John Thorpe.

Sorry about that.

You can get the new cover art here.

Thank you!

The Gathering 10th Aniversary Album…

Hi All,

You can now download this fun filled album here.


Thank you.

Google+ Added…

You can now follow us on Google+, for those who use that.

See “Follow Us” section at the bottom of the right sidebar for other following options.

Thank you!